Before I Go

Before I Go
Project Spooky House
Begin your Venture through the Unknown

You start as a mysterious character who is thrown into the middle of an all-out extinction-sized event. With creatures coming out of the dark, you are tasked with finding the source of their existence so humanity might stand a chance in knowing how to drive them back; the only issue: no one know what the hell these creatures are or where they came from. Can you survive the horde and save the world? Is it just the world you are saving?

Play through the game your way! Don’t like quests and objectives and prefer a Nazi-Zombies-esque round-survival gameplay experience? Skip the objectives then! Want to quest and unravel the twisted story? Follow through! Are you a gear nut who enjoys looting and shooting? Grind your way through over 100 levels, tons of guns, gear and armor, resources, crafted items, upgrades, rideables, camos, attachments, quests, and more! There are countless ways to play in this linear-open-world. Play in any zone you want, and teleport to another if you get overrun, or stay in one area whenever you play and never go anywhere else (you will miss out on tons of resources and rewards!).

How far can you make it? With over 100 levels of progression and many large and vertically focused areas, you can use your incredible mobility feats to outrun and outwit your enemies, but that won’t save you now. You have to be smart and quick, and observe your surroundings to ensure your temporary safety. I doubt you can get to round 100. If you get to 100, try it on a higher difficulty, guarantee you can’t do it. Don’t believe me? Challenge accepted.

Download Before I Go [v0.4.0a]

This is the largest release yet and is only the start to a revamp for all the graphics, design, sound, and development. There are more challenges, zones, weapons, gear, upgrades, collectibles, and so much more littered throughout the enhanced game world. You will see one area completely redone (Dank Valley) in the start of Deathstrike Valley! Explore harder enemies, more balanced levelling and difficulty scaling, and all the other upgrades to the gameplay, then give me some feedback on how your experience was!

The post processing is a bit brighter than I intended. Turning it to half-mass in the settings makes it look much more palatable. This is already fixed for the next release.

Use the button below to download a Pre-Alpha test of the game to try today! The file is locally hosted, so no mirrors are necessary, just a nice classic download.

Please have 10.0GB available on your hard drive for the game to install once the download is complete. The compressed .ZIP file is 5.5GB.

BIG v0-4-0a
[Compressed: 5.5GB] [Installed: 10.0GB]


I recorded this bit with the Nvidia Geforce Experience App for Windows. I made this because I feel that I am at a point where I can show off more features. As I delve into my programming at Full Sail, I am beginning to enjoy and appreciate every aspect of game development so much more. I know that this game will improve with my knowledge and skills. Please give it a watch. It is about 27 minutes of gameplay and shows two of the weapons, a bunch of attachments (I didn't get any Armor sadly as it is rare. This is because once you get a piece of armor, you can then purchase the rest of the set.), a boss fight, 7 rounds of survival, the errands, the new main menu, a peek at the new level additions, a showcase of the abilities currently available (already have about 5 more in the works), the armor menus, the weapon attachments system, the purchase and selling of items, item investigation, progression, the save system, and so much more. The second video below is of the weapon investigation, as it was not properly showcased in the first video.