Before I Go
Project Spooky House
A Journey Driven Slaughter-House

Bladereign is a game that is set in a different time and reality than ours, one where the world has fallen to some force that is causing havoc. The dead are coming up from hell, sentient robots are taking full countries, and most life is perished. You are a lone survivor just trying to make your way through the time you live. Through your ventures you encounter beasts and enemies from both ends of the spectrum, find weapons and equipment worth the walk, gather materials to build and craft, collect items to upgrade weapons and items, find variants of weapons that change their class entirely, and own everything on the battlefield. Between finding your necessary items to survive, you will come across Journeys in a massive open world that takes you through mountains, caves, meadows, forests, enchanted chambers, dungeons, and more vast areas. Exploration, looting, and killing are the focus, with deep upgrade systems in place of attachments and customization.

Weapon how you want to Weapon

With a system built to be fully upgradable, the possibilities are endless. Here is an example: You are playing the game with a sub-machine gun that could use some better firepower, better critical and elemental, and better accuracy to turn it into an assault rifle… you can do that. You have a shotgun and you want to turn it into a light machine gun that fires slug rounds… be my guest. You want to turn your Dedmaw into a device used to propel you any direction you want while still firing ultra-powerful rounds… alright. This is your gun, you should have it how you want it.

Detailed Open World

The world will be filled with lush trees, brush, grass, and other foliage flowing with a rotating day and night cycle that matches up with your time zone. The enemies, resource drops, weapon drops, upgrade drops, and other aspects of gameplay change depending on the day and time giving an ever-changing element to the already atmospheric world. Explore the vast terrains and find Journeys to get loot and delve into a twisted vine of story webs. The beautiful sunsets and shining views will make you stop and stare long enough to get mauled to death!


Below are some screenshots of the game. More are coming very soon, as well as a slideshow player. Thank you for your patience whilst I get everything organized and setup properly! Hover over an image below and it will double the size; click on it and it will open the full sized image in a new tab for closer inspection.