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To see one of my projects, use the buttons at the top! Each button has the name of the project it links to. If you want to see a different game, you can always access the navigation panel from any project page.

Passion Showcase

My projects are the things that I have been working on over the past couple of years with Unreal Engine. Like I have mentioned in my Bio, I fell in love with Unreal Engine as soon as I used it, so I decided it would be best to focus on it. I have worked alone and with teams, using primarily models from the UE4 Marketplace and customizing them. I purchased some packs and got others for free. Please know that I am a developer not a designer, I can build a level and the things that go into it, but I cannot make realistic drawings or custom models. I appreciate the work everyone else within the community has put into what I used in these projects, and I never intended, nor do I ever intend to make money from these. I want people to see what I did so that I might inspire others who may not have known you can get into Game Development without $10,000. I am on board with the developers like Epic Games and Unity Technologies; releasing free engines and asking royalty gives the opportunity to so many people who might not have been able to shine properly without these tools. Thank you to all of the gaming community for your contributions for getting me where I am today and inspiring me to change the world!